Caroline – Therapeutic surgery

Meet 15 years old fun loving, friendly, personable, gorgeous and courteous girl Carol Waithera.
Carol is a bright girl and currently in form 3. The family hails from kayole in Nairobi County. Carol is the 1st born in a family of 3 children, her mother Mercy wanjiku (single) is a nursery school teacher a job which she said has low salary. When we asked about her husband, she informed us that he left the family in an unclear circumstance.
Carol is not new to Cure Hospital as she has been admitted thrice following her Rt foot deformity. She has undergone a surgery on his right foot and a corrective osteotomy.
Carol is playful and a personable girl too, she loves playing with her friends, while at school she started complaining of severe pain on her right foot plus the swelling of the foot. The condition continued to persist until her mobility was seriously affected.

Therapeutic surgical option

They decided to visit the hospital and after review by our doctor he commented that “plan for repeat osteotomy + possible leg Lengthening” this will be done because carol dislikes the shoe lifting.
Carol plays with kids in the ward as she waits to undergo a surgery called Supramalleolar osteotomy this is a conservative therapeutic surgical option for the management of arthritis of the ankle associated with Varus or valgus deformity. Varus/valgus deformity refers to the direction that the distal segments of the joint points. E.g. a valgus deformity of the knee, the distal part of the leg below the knee is deviated outward, resulting in knock-kneed appearance.