organizational capacity

Organizational capacity

To improve the organizational capacity of CBM Kenya to deliver its mission, strategic goals, financial obligations, programme strategy, human resource needs and capacity, internal and external relations, brand and visibility, policies and systems and strengthen governance through:

  • We shall formulate a robust board charter to guide the operations of the CBM Kenya board.
  • We shall recruit more board members to ensure compliance with the law. The board members will have a mix of skills in organizational capacity development, programme management, financial and risk management, visibility, and branding, disability inclusion and gender, property management, to strengthen the work and mandate of the board.

Visibility & Branding

  • Revamp CBM Kenya’s website and social media sites.
  • Develop a communications guide and review communication materials including letter heads, job cards, brochures etc.


  • Conduct a fundraising survey to determine fundraising opportunities for CBM Kenya and develop a fundraising plan which may include hiring of full-time staff or getting a consultant to support with fundraising activities.
  • Review the viability of the CBM Kenya’s property as a source of income and develop it as an effective, sustainable, and financially sound business.


  • Carry out an assessment of policies that CBM Kenya needs, adopt and contextualise from the CBM Global’s policies.
  • This may also include developing new policies such as those on volunteers and interns with a focus on diversity.