Stacy – Spinal Deformity

Miriam is 11 year old and comes from a family of five. Miriam was born with no deformity but later on her mother noticed something was amiss at 5 years old. She walked with a strange gait which only her mother seemed to notice at the time. However, by the time she was 6, it was apparent that something was not well. Then begun the frantic search for a solution, their initial search did not bear fruit until they met a doctor in Kakamega who referred them to the mobile clinic outreaches that was taking place in Kisumu, at the mobile clinic she was diagnosis she was referred for surgery.
Miriam underwent a successful surgery and is now looking forward to joining class five next year. Her dream is to become a journalist; her focus right now is to perform well in the languages. Thankfully, she can concentrate in school and her dreams can now come true now that the spine condition has been dealt with. We wish her quick recovery and we look forward to a successful recuperation.